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Going Nowhere

In the field, 2019.

My dissertation, Going Nowhere: Life with Opioids in Backcountry California, is based on in-depth interviews and over two years of participant observation fieldwork with 65 people who use opioids and 180 local officials and service providers across ten counties. I use the case of opioid use amid the ongoing overdose crisis to address fundamental sociological questions about the relationships between place, health, politics, and local institutions. Some of my findings have been published in the International Journal of Drug Policy (2020).

Other research projects

Prevention Point exchanging syringes in San Francisco, 1990. (Photo: Phil Head, Bay Area Reporter)

Topics of my sole-authored publications include: federal harm reduction policy and politics in the United States (International Journal of Drug Policy 2018); the history of harm reduction services in California (Mobilization 2020); and medicalization theory and the treatment of psychopathy (Theory and Society 2019). I have collaborated on a NIH-funded implementation study of overdose prevention services for people exiting jail and prison (PI: Alex H. Kral; Journal of Correctional Health Care 2019), and an implementation study of “hub and spoke” systems for opioid treatment (PI: Claire Snell-Rood).

Harm reduction

I have provided harm reduction services, such as syringe access and naloxone distribution, in Chicago (2009–2013) and California (2013–present). As President of the Board of Directors for NEED, I help coordinate all aspects of the organization’s budget, staffing, and services. I also offer training and consultation on harm reduction best practices, program development, and policy implementation for local governments and nonprofit agencies.

Offering harm reduction supplies at a festival, 2018.
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